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Linux is a free operating system for computers (home, business or enterprise). You can install it to replace Microsoft Windows, or you can install it to run side-by-side with Windows (and choose which one when booting). You can also install VirtualBox in Windows, and then install Linux into a virtual machine, or you can boot up on a Live Linux DVD/USB. Using VirtualBox or a Live DVD/USB is a great way to learn more about it and cause no permanent changes to your computer.

Linux Recommendations
Servers: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS
Desktop: Linux Mint, Linux Lite, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora
Live DVD/USB: Knoppix (plus the desktop distros above and low RAM distros below)
Very old computers with low RAM: Puppy, Slax, Lubuntu, Peppermint
Rescue or special utilities: SystemRescueCd, Ultimate Boot CD, Rescatux, Gparted, Clonezilla

Password/Passphrase Recommendations
Password Manager and generator: KeePass Password Safe
Passphrase generator: Diceware™ (optional word lists from EFF)
 > Bash script to generate Diceware passphrases.
 > Special thanks to Jason Trunks for his excellent script edits!

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