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All the latest distributions in one easy place.

Probably the best Linux forum on the web, but read their Rules before you post. In fact, also read their How To page, their FAQ, and their How To Ask A Question page. They literally have MILLIONS of posts and threads, so look around and search their forum first... you may find the answer to your problem without asking a question. Many folks there are very friendly and helpful if you have done your part, but they may not have much patience for people who want to be led by the hand and not put any work into at least trying to solve their own problems. Don't ask them to do your homework assignment, and don't ask dumb questions like, "Which distro will be best for me?" (Answer: No one knows what will be best for you, except YOU. Try out some popular distros on DVD or USB and see what appeals to you and what works best on your hardware.)

Servers: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS
Desktop: Lite, Mint, Debian, LXLE, Ubuntu, Fedora
Live DVD/USB: Knoppix (plus the desktop distros above and low RAM distros below)
Very old computers with low RAM: Puppy & Slacko Puppy, Slax, Simplicity, Lubuntu
Rescue or special utilities: SystemRescueCd, Ultimate Boot CD, Rescatux, Gparted, Clonezilla

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if you have dumb questions or if you want more info.
(In case you're curious, the Linux Geeks email list has been discontinued.)